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Utilising the latest technology, HydraTest provides accurate, instant results about the condition of the skin.

Results within seconds

Simply apply to the desired area and results are displayed in seconds.

Handy guide

The quick and easy guide provided with HydraTest compares readings and help you understand the results displayed on the unit.


HydraTest is manufactured with a sturdy brass housing (not plastic) to encase the technology and protect it from regular commercial use. Lightweight yet strong.

Easy to operate

Designed for ease of use and simplicity. Just one button operation, place the sensors onto the desired area to test, results are displayed in seconds…

Long battery life

Just one AAA battery will last for over 2000 uses and easy to replace when needed.

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HydraTest is helping many businesses increase product sales by offering skin and scalp analysis as a treatment menu item. Clients will notice improvements their skin has shown.

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