Amazon Reviews

“This is such a handy addition to the services I offer. As a mobile therapist, this is a great little tool, which effortlessly shows a client what their skin hydration and oil levels are. I use it at the beginning and the end of a treatment to show the difference it has made. It also means I can better tailor products I use on clients and also increases after sales of products to clients based on what the readings show.”

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DB Reviews

“With HydraTest some of the assumptions that I had regarding my skin have been tossed out of the window. I now know my correct skin type. It varies between Normal-Dry on most days even though there is no visible flaking or dryness. At times the hydration levels are low making the skin dehydrated. Having this tool at my disposal means I am now able to take better care of my skin. And that makes a huge difference.”

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Strawberry Blonde

“My skin definitely looked brighter and felt better too. It will be useful to me as I’m constantly testing new skincare products, which this should allow me to do with more accuracy. I think it’s a device that will appeal most to beauty professionals.”

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